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We are experienced experts and are at your disposal for all questions concerning the security of your building - also internationally.

Would you like to protect your home against the weather and unwelcome guests? We can advise you on individual building constructions for special requirements such as weather, building materials, etc. as well as burglar-resistant windows and doors.

Would you like to secure your business premises? We identify your risks and weak points. You need an expert opinion after a burglary or an accident, such as water damage caused by leaky windows? We will take care of it. You benefit from years of craftsmanship paired with solid security awareness. In our affiliated Technical Development and Performance Centre, we test windows, doors, gates and roller shutters for their security.

You can rely on us - for sure.



Expert opinion,
test laboratory and
Safety concepts

All from one house


The Experts

For comprehensive expert opinions, quality assurance and safety technology for windows, doors, gates and roller shutters.

With our knowledge, we help authorities, lawyers and individuals to act in a goal-oriented manner and to make the right decisions.


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The test centre

The TELZ - Technical Development and Performance Centre. The think tank in the middle of the Westerwald.

The special test center for windows, doors, gates, roller shutters, external Venetian blinds, sun protection and all those who want to know exactly!

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The safety home conzept

Electrical and electronic security concepts for the personal protection of your family within your own four walls.

Individually adapted and according to your needs, we plan, design and install electrical and electronic security concepts and systems for you.

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Your safety is a matter of honour for us.

Together with our colleagues and partners, we form a strong, highly qualified network. Here, proven specialists stand shoulder to shoulder for you.

Our clients throughout Europe are courts, public prosecutors' offices, building owners, architects and engineers, craftsmen, colleagues, banks, lawyers, public figures, persons in need of special protection, real estate agents, security service providers and companies from the security industry. In short: all those who are involved in the construction, security, and real estate business, not only nationally but also worldwide.





Holistic approach
and complete solutions

They characterize us






Holistic building security

Do you have an increased need for security?
Would you like to optimize your costs?

Security concepts are an essential part of operational and building security. Before developing risk reduction measures, we recommend identifying areas that need to be protected. This will help achieve some protection goals. The spatial arrangement of the building plays an important role. In existing buildings, the radius of action is often limited.

At this point, at the latest, a building inspection is necessary to integrate local conditions and practices into the security concept. The diagram opposite shows the principle of protected areas. Contact us, and we will arrange an initial meeting to get to know each other. We focus on your needs, on your value chain. We support you with a 360° all-round view!





Everything for your

Our offer at a GLANCE

Expert opinion

Expert opinion

Expert opinion Whether for individuals, companies, or courts: our experts advise and prepare expert opinions and statements. Expert, independent, professional and competent.

Safety concepts

Safety concepts

We plan, design and install safety concepts in the area of windows, doors, gates and roller shutters. We create hazard analyses and protection target definitions for hazard alarm systems.

Project management

Project management

We take care of your project from the design planning stage, through tender preparation and evaluation, award negotiations, to project supervision and site management. You have only one contact person.

Development & Testing

Development & Testing

We carry out tests on windows and doors, gates, and roller shutters, with a focus on tests on burglar-resistant and bullet-resistant components. Up-to-date training courses and workshops for window manufacturers, architects, and lawyers ensure professional know-how in construction.

Renovation and energy concepts

Renovation and energy concepts

We create sustainable renovation and energy concepts, offer building energy advice, and take measurements of thermal insulation values on insulating glass and wall components.

Quality optimisation

Quality optimisation

We show you how to optimize quality in all service areas and specialist fields.

From RAL quality inspections, acceptance and invoice inspections, documentation, product development and certification to project planning, in particular roller shutters and sun protection systems.

Prevention & Coaching

Prevention & Coaching

We offer coaching and prevention talks for planners, authorities, associations, insurance companies, police academy, architects, individuals, and property development companies.

Further services

Further services

You can book us for specialist lectures. Furthermore, we offer training courses and workshops for lawyers, architects or specialist personnel from the window construction industry.

Mediation meetings for conflict resolution are also part of our offer.




From journeyman to Champions League


Knowing Alexander Dupp he doesn’t compromise when it comes to building security. This quality and his extensive wealth of knowledge and experience make him a sought-after specialist and expert in the assessment, construction, planning, production and installation of windows and doors. Having learned from scratch, he knows all the pitfalls and sources of error in window and door construction – and far beyond. As a family man and father, building safety and thus the safety of the people who live in these buildings have always been close to his heart. That is what drives him – and he is publicly appointed and sworn as well as internationally certified and approved!

Expert opinion

Expert opinion

Sound expert opinions when important facts are needed.

Security concepts

Security concepts

Security concepts worked out down to the last detail.



The provision for your personal safety



Knowing what matters.
Learning how to improve.




Complete service

All trades. All surveyors.

We offer a unique complete service, because only we cover all trades with expert assessors and special surveyors.

We work for you nationally and internationally. You can therefore turn to us with confidence for all expert activities.

Contact us right away...



At home in Europe

Our way of working has always been international, cross-border and interdisciplinary. To be able to offer quick response times in the interest of our clients, we operate various office cooperations and locations.


Our sphere of activity extends from Sylt to Spain. Against the background of the best possible customer service, we rely on the highest quality and reliability from our international partners.




Headquarter Girod
Office cooperation Austria
TELZ Weroth
Office cooperation Luxembourg
Office Sylt
Office cooperation Munich
Office cooperation Hamburg



Wide range of products and
Great customer diversity

Private building owners | Public building owners | Contractors & executing craftsmen | General contractors | Planners, engineers and architects | Construction management offices | Insurance companies | Construction industry and suppliers | Authorities, cities & municipalities | Associations | Foundations & cooperatives | Notary and law firms | Courts in various instances | Persons in public life | Persons requiring special protection | TV stations | Foundations




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