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Four fixed letters stand for innovative security technology at the highest level.

Our modern test center is in Weroth in the Westerwald. Here we test under practical building conditions to ensure that our test results are as realistic as possible. Windows, doors, gates, roller shutters, external blinds, sun protection - everything is put under the microscope at the TELZ. Here we test, research, train, and design for all it's worth.

Our range of services includes manufacturing and technical testing as well as the planning, construction, delivery, and installation of security systems. Components for building security and various special security solutions are our specialty. We focus on testing burglary-resistant and breakout-resistant as well as and bullet-resistant components. Current training courses and workshops round off our range of services.

That's what we do in the Telz!

Preliminary tests in the Telz

Preliminary tests in the Telz

You have developed components? Then we will take care of the first acid test.

Within the scope of preliminary tests, we determine the performance of your product. After a positive conclusion, the main test for the official market launch is carried out by the ift on our premises or at the ift in Rosenheim.




Pre-tests on site

Pre-tests on site

Yes, got that right! We come to you and test directly at your site.

Our mobile test station makes it possible: We carry out preliminary tests to check the performance of newly developed components not only at our TELZ, but also on your premises, depending on your needs. Interested? Get in contact!




Workshops & Know-how Days

Workshops & Know-how Days

You never stop learning: Our workshops and know-how days, the content of which you can shape yourself, always boost your knowledge measurably.

Here you will be brought up to date on all aspects of windows/doors, roller shutters, gates, and intersections in theory and practice. We offer workshops for window manufacturers, architects, and lawyers.




Preliminary tests in the Telz

On your mark, GET SET, check


We test the performance of windows, doors, gates, and roller shutters for you within the scope of test trials / preliminary tests.

We find out what your components can achieve in terms of:

  •     Burglar resistance according to DIN EN 1627-1630 up to class RC6 and in element sizes of maximum (width x height) 500 cm x 350 cm
  •     Tightness according to DIN EN 14351-1: A1 2010
  •     Fall protection according to DIN 18008 and ETB
  •     Bullet resistance up to class FB7 NS (with external approved testing laboratory)
  •     U-value of insulating glass and wall components
  •     Tensile and compressive strength
  •     Energetic and static building connection situations
  •     Fixing
  •     Mounting situation according to RAL guidelines
  • Angular strength at wood, PVC, wood-aluminum and aluminum windows and doors

The performance properties listed above can also be determined under practical building conditions in prefabricated wall components in different stone strength classes.

In cooperation with ift Rosenheim, we carry out tests recognized under building law in accordance with BauPVO § 46, which serve as the basis for CE labeling. For this purpose, we produce the wall components according to individual customer requirements, up to multi-layer masonry or classic timber post and beam construction. We gladly ensure the secure transport of the test specimens between the manufacturer’s and our location.





“Our trials and test series provide our customers with important insights. In this way, products can be improved and resources can be conserved.”

Alexander Dupp | Managing Director







Workshops &
Know-how DAYS

From practice for practice


You never stop learning: Our workshops and know-how days, the content of which you can shape yourself, always boost your knowledge. Here you will be brought up to date on all aspects of windows/doors, roller shutters, gates, and intersections in theory and practice. We offer workshops for window manufacturers, architects, and lawyers. 

Within the framework of workshops, we offer you the opportunity to deepen your theoretical and practical knowledge at our TELZ. You bring your products and components with you and install them in the prefabricated wall components according to the generally recognized rules of technology.

Strengths and weaknesses become clear based on practical tests and theoretical analyses. The assembly equipment available at the TELZ may be used. The workshops can also be designed individually as well as with external speakers on individual specialist topics.















Cooperation partner:
ift Rosenheim


Our cooperation partner “ift Rosenheim” is a test and certification body for building products, safety technology and protective equipment. The ift Rosenheim is an internationally recognized and notified test body. The ift Rosenheim calibrates, tests, certifies, and issues the required test and classification reports as well as verifications and certificates. The range of services offered by ift Rosenheim includes Testing of doors and windows according to EN 14351-1, testing of external walls according to EN 13830, fire testing according to EN 16034, testing of doors according to EN 13241, testing of fittings, glass and building materials.

As a contractual cooperation partner of ift Rosenheim, we can test developments before relevant tests. In addition, the ift Rosenheim carries out tests recognized under building law in our TELZ.

So, manufacturers and installers of building elements as well as building owners in the Frankfurt/ Wiesbaden and Cologne/Bonn metropolitan regions can arrange local tests of burglary resistance and fall protection of windows, doors, gates, and roller shutters carried out with us.

As a cooperation partner of the ift Rosenheim, we are in regular contact with the experts there to ensure that we are always up to date with the latest standards and technology.



Services at a glance

  • Planning, construction and installation of security systems
  • Testing of security components for burglary resistance and bullet and blast resistance
  • Manufacture of and trade in prefabricated building components, in particular windows and doors
  • Special function elements for the areas of burglary and break-in as well as bullet resistance, fittings, roller shutters, sun protection systems, Venetian blinds and gates as well as their technical inspection
  • Training and Workshops






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