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In combination with our expertise in windows and doors, we go one step further with Alexander Dupp elektrische Sicherheit GmbH & Co.KG.

Security concepts are an essential part of operational and building security. Whether individual rooms, floors, entire buildings or company, residential premises - we focus on your needs and your value chain. Our security concept is characterised by a structured approach: from the definition of protection goals to the development of measures and the evaluation of residual risks.

Targeted burglar resistance on the building only works holistically. Holistic means that electrical and mechanical protection as well as the behaviour and use of the individual protected persons must be coordinated. The mere installation of an intruder alarm system without physical protection is neither sensible nor promising. The term "burglar alarm system" means: "it reports the burglary". Detection of access to the property or building at an early stage and deterrence of perpetrators must be the aim. The topic of burglar resistance must therefore be understood in the context of holistic building security.




Risk analysis

Risk analysis

First, we look at the risk. We uncover danger points, analyze structural conditions and the social environment. In addition, we look at all the processes surrounding the use of your buildings. The result is a high-quality and comprehensive risk analysis.

Safety concept

Safety concept

What are your individual protection goals? Together with the risk analysis, we develop your security concept with this question in mind. We advise you on sensible and necessary measures, but we also advise against technologies if they do not meet your objectives. You will receive a comprehensive evaluation of the costs incurred to achieve your security goals.



We plan down to the smallest detail. The result is a special adherence to schedules because we want everything to be ready on your desired date. Of course, you will receive a comprehensive briefing from our safety experts.



Do you have a problem with your security technology? Our customer service is there for you. Real-time and remote monitoring is child's play with a connection of your system to an emergency call and service control centre. We will be happy to advise you.



To always ensure your safety, our technicians maintain your system at regular intervals on a date of your choice. This is how you ensure smooth operation.

Burglar alarm technology

Burglar alarm technology

If a windowpane breaks, a door is opened that should remain locked or unauthorized persons enter your rooms, the burglar alarm system goes off. So, the danger is immediately detected and, for example, passed on to a service control center. Countermeasures, such as notifying the police, can thus be initiated in a short time. Such systems are primarily used for prevention, as burglars are often deterred by them.

Access control

Access control

Who is allowed in and who has to stay out? You not only reduce the threat of burglars, but also protect your family and/or employees by using our access control systems. Whether it's simple access denial at the door or a complete building lockdown in an emergency - we supply the right technology to help you secure your buildings reliably.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance

Perfect image resolution and scalable systems – that is our video surveillance. We will be happy to advise you on the optimal solution for you and your project. Regardless of manufacturers, we will find the optimal video surveillance system for you.






A good
safety concept must be inconspicuous!

We show you what this can look like.














Together with you, we define your individual security needs. Particularly important here: the hazardous situation, applicable norms, and the initial situation. In your individual security concept, we compile the results and thus find the right security solution for you.

Every security system should be tailored to the requirements of the respective hazard situation, the applicable norms, and directives and ultimately, in form and design, to the requirements of the customer.

The basis for planning and projecting a security system is an individual security concept. We do not supply off-the-shelf technology, but look for the best solution in each case, sharing views with our customers.

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Services at a glance


  •      Risk analysis & safety concept
  •     Installation & instruction
  •     Service & Maintenance
  •     Burglar alarm technology
  •     Access control & video surveillance
  •     Floor detection & security foils






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we protect them.

A comprehensive security concept must always include all the individual parameters of the building or person to be protected. We do not offer an off-the-shelf system. Because the creation of a holistic security concept includes not only things like the building and the property, but also the level of awareness and especially the public perception of the customer. It goes without saying that our considerations also take applicable standards and laws into account.

To ensure a smooth process during implementation and in the construction phase, we advise on the appropriate products and coordinate the trades.

If you wish, we can coordinate the trades and advise you on suitable products.




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