Experience makes you wise - and if you gather a lot of this valuable experience, it may result not only in an improvement, but also in a significant innovation. That is precisely what we intend to do!


The “Fenster 2.0 Window Future” project. We also receive proven support from other partners in the field of window construction, including the supplier industry and related trades. Incorporating the many findings from decades of technology, including damage patterns, into a new development is the aim of this project. The “Fenster 2.0 Window Future” development project is concerned with the further development of existing window/door systems and the new development of window/door systems. The focus is on energy saving, sustainability and burglar resistance.

Performance characteristics:

  •     Burglar-resistant class RC6
  •     Bullet-resistant class FB7
  •     High thermal insulation Uw 0.75 W/m2K
  •     Sound insulation 45 dB
  •     Fire resistance according to EN 16034 EI290
  •     Water tightness E1050
  •     Air tightness class 4
  •     Historical views of the profiles for listed buildings
  •     Installation options with special requirements (frames and pre-wall installation)

All these functions are to be combined in one component, and the different installation situations and window variants are considered as much as possible.



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